Construction and installation of modular houses from 560Eur kv/m.

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We produce mobile modular houses up to 80m² that do not require a building permit. We install the house on the client’s land plot with agricultural, household or commercial purpose. We also produce individual projects by changing their materials, area and shape.



House designers, highly qualified architects and constructors calculate the weld points, loads and thickness of metal frames, as well as the required thermal conductivity coefficient accurately.



The modular houses are made of S355 steel that is primed and coated with a 120-micron paint layer. 120 mm thickness multilayer panels with polyurethane filler correspond to class B; 150 mm thickness panels correspond to class A. 3 pane 8 chambers Shuco profile windows. Plastic entrance door made of Shuco profile. The production is carried out by highly qualified workers, welders and assemblers-constructors.



Partial assembly works take place in the factory: multilayer panels are screwed to the frame, windows and doors are installed. The wall, roof and floor modules are screwed on the land plot preceded by the preparation of 10 poles with plates. The special profiles are attached to these plates with screws to which the house frames are mounted. The internal partitions are screwed and the electrical installation is laid out on the land plot after the assembly of modules.



The price depends on the parameters of the materials used and the thermal conductivity. The price includes the metal frame, floor, walls, roof, windows, doors and internal partitions.



The house has a 3-year warranty with possible insurance.

Visualisations and design example

* 3D design visualisations

* Design example.